The Cast

in order of appearance


Taylor Sorrel


Taylor never sent in his bio, but he is probably working on a number of theatre projects in Chicago, particularly Shakespeare shows! He hails from Georgia, studied Theatre at Rollins College, and can be found playing/ running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, laying down some sweet melodies on piano, or hitting up the renaissance festival.


Talia Weingarten


Talia recently moved to New York City to make it big but was once a Chicago-based actor, director, and make-up artist. She is a proud Northwestern graduate and would like to thank to the Life of Harold creative team for this wonderful feat!


Thomas Stern


One day when Thomas was 10 (or… ya know really young) he and his friend, Alec, were playing around with Alec’s video camera.  For some reason, Thomas thought that what they were recording would be on national television that night.  (Alec probably said: ‘we can watch this on the TV later' and I, I mean Thomas, misinterpreted that for ‘we will BE on TV later.  When he found out that they were actually just going to watch their recording like idiots, he was so disappointed that he probably didn’t smile for the rest of the playdate. They never hung out again.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 3.19.53 PM.png

Brittany Kass


Brittany is an improviser and actor in Chicago. She has trained at iO, Second City, and CiC to become what she was truly meant to be: a server at iO. In all seriousness, when Brittany isn't serving alcoholic beverages and food to make that sweet sweet money she is writing, performing at story-telling shows, or drinking something with vodka in it. She feels so honored to be a part of such a fun project and hopes that everyone loves it just as much as she does.

Emily Embe

Emily Ember


After graduating from Northwestern University as a theatre major, Emily studied improvisation and sketch comedy completing the Second City Conservatory and iO Chicago programs. Emily performs regularly in Chicago with her improv team, Horror of Terror, and has also toured with them performing in improv festivals around the country including: the Chicago IF, Del Close Marathon in NYC, Detroit IF, Kansas City IF, IF Cincy, Nashville IF, Atlas Endurance in Madison, WI, and the Green Bay IF. She is also an avid dancer, trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a blue belt, and finds joy in creating balloon animals. Follow Emily @emilyemberactor and visit her website at


Justin Cullity


Justin Cullity, a New Hampshire native, turned Chicagoan in 2016. Justin is currently working in renewable energy, just casually saving the world. He graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire, just to prove that he could do it. He doesn’t really use his degree anymore, but what millennial really does? 

Outside of his 9-5, you can find Justin bopping around Chicago to the hottest hits of yesterday and today. Whether he is on his way to goof with his improv team, Human Resources, or living life to the fullest with his friends, Justin is always on the lookout for the next adventure. He is fun-loving and about as bubbly as they come. Also, he ran the Chicago Marathon the morning of his first day of filming for Life of Harold.


Nic Bell


Nic never sent in his bio, but a quick Facebook search revealed that he is a graduate from Roosevelt University and his recent credits include FUTURE ECHOES at Wildclaw Theatre, SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY at Red Twist Theatre, and THE TOILET at Haven Theatre. There are probably more, but who knows!

Felipe Carrasco


A University of Iowa graduate, Felipe now performs in theatre and film around the Chicago area. Felipe has had an absolute blast working on Life of Harold. Thank you to the creators for making it happen and bringing him aboard. He looks forward to all future collaboration.


Felipe is represented by Grossman and Jack Talent.


Rick Sunderman


Rick's LinkedIn says he's an "Operations and Financial Manager highly regarded for analysis, planning, and formulating strategic initiatives to improve bottom-line results. Leads market analysis to determine service line growth and access improvement. Excellent presentation, organizational, communication, team building, coaching, and public speaking skills designed to boost team productivity, engage stakeholders, and build interpersonal relationships." Which is a really fancy way of saying he is an improviser.


Alexa Palmero

"Clerk 1"

Alexa is from Miami, FL, like Pitbull. She likes glitter, books, pop music, excessive affection, and cornering you into conversations about how time isn’t real. She performs improv, sketch, and solo sketch anywhere and everywhere. Her solo show The Alexa Palmero Show concluded its run in January 2018.


Noe Torres

"Clerk 2"

Noe loves improv and comedy, but operating a small business keeps him too busy to give it a hundred percent. When not working he likes to spend time with his partner and beautiful wife, his dogs, and making cringeworthy dad jokes.  Don't ask him about modern monetary theory, the economy, or the benefits of confiscatory taxes


Pat Treuer


Pat is a Comedian from Colorado who moved to Chicago to pursue his dream of comedy. When Pat is not performing stand up, he is working on his YouTube channel PatChat - a variety channel of comedy and his journey through the world of comedy with weekly episodes.You can also follow Pat’s journey @realfunnypat.


Amar Risbud


Amar was genetically bred in the labs of The University of Chicago to be an unstoppable force in impov and sketch comedy. He was rigorously tested and trained there until being released into the city of Chicago for field analysis. He has since been transferred to the testing facilities Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory for further examination. Research regarding his capabilities can be further studied and examined @bummer_no_b.

Jonathan Lee Rey 1.jpg

Jonathan Lee-Rey


Jonathan is a graduate from The Harold Ramis Film School at Second City Chicago and Skidmore College. He has worked on film productions with The New Yorker, Seriously.TV, and UCB Comedy. Currently, he is an actor on The iO Comedy Network team Free Trial Run, a writer on The News* with Maggie Smith, and an improviser with Generation LatinXFollow him on social media @jontheerey.


Charlie James


Charlie is an improviser and comedian living in Chicago, IL. They majored in Comedy Writing and Performance at Columbia College and are a graduate of iO, The Annoyance, and Second City’s conservatory. They can be found traveling the country in a big white van, performing with their duo Merit Badge. There are only two things they love in this world: everything and improv.


Anne Martin


Anne is a proud Northwestern theatre graduate originally from St. Louis. Recent credits include web series SEX, WORK and short film UNCLE ALBERT (Winner - Best Performances, LA Feedback Film Festival). Stage credits include ARCITEXT 2018 (The Arc Theatre), RED, WHITE, & UNBLEMISHED (Piven), THE HILLARY DUFF PROJECT (MCL), and projects with (re)discover and Striding Lion.


Caleb Hearon


Caleb is a Chicago-based performer who has zero insecurities. You can find him in the upcoming webseries I Swear It's Not Boring with Laura Petro and friends, at iO theatre, or the Whole Foods across the street. Follow him on Twitter  @calebsaysthings.


Sara Lang


Sara is a corn-fed improviser originally from Omaha, Nebraska. She is a graduate of the Second City and iO improv programs and proud member of the all female indie trio, Before Thursday. When she's not spreading laughs with her gals, Sara spends her free time thinking about her love for puppies, Chacos, and chicken sandwiches.


Zac Caprous


Zach's manager blew off all of our calls for a statement from the superstar, but Googling his name shows that he hails from Indiana, currently studies Broadcasting at Purdue University North Central, and is notorious for licking The Bean annually. The Memelord himself can be found improving sometimes when he isn't modding the internet for the newest dankness.


Rich Coleman


Rich Coleman hails from Philadelphia, PA, and began acting and improvising when he moved to Chicago in early 2016. He can be found performing at iO Theater with the Harold team, '66 Mustang.


Sara Leone


Sarah Leone was born in New Jersey but raised in New York, you understand that? That was her catchphrase after she was later moved to Portland at age 6. At age 12 she ended up in Evanston. Her family stayed put but she escaped the cold living in Madrid, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. Now she is back in Chicago and ready to use laughter to survive the winters. Sarah is a recent iO Theatre Improv Graduate. 


Breanna Lind


Breanna is made of two toddlers stacked together in one pair of overalls, who are both very excited to be a part of Life of Harold! A graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, you can also catch Breanna at iO with her Harold Team, Crocodile Nasties, around town with her improv duo, Soft Sandwich, and sketch group, Rosemary’s Other Baby.


Breanna is repped by the lovely ladies of Paonessa Talent Agency, LLC.


Laura Petro


Laura is a sketch performer, writer and filmmaker in Chicago. She graduated with a degree in Digital Cinema from DePaul University, has performed sketch all over the US with her sketch partner Meggie Gates and her sketch trio The Three Little Squids. Recently she produced and starred in I Swear It's Not Boring, a Chicago webseries about a fictional suburban Ohio radio station. She is currently working on her own web series See You In Hell, which she produces, co-wrote, and stars in. A he is very excited to be a part of the Life of Harold cast. You can follow her on Instagram at @laura_nicole_petro (or yet other projects @meggie_and_laura, @iswearitsnotboring).


Deborah Craft


Deborah Craft has been working on stage and, more recently, in film in Chicago for the past *mumble, mumble* years. Most recently, she worked on and performed in the webseries, DebCam and Space Happens with Fake Geek Girl Productions and in THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE ABRIDGED with Piccolo Theatre where she was a founding company member. She also works full time as a finder of things & maker of stuff (aka Sourcing and Production) for an advertising design firm and occasionally moonlights as a wedding coordinator. 


Sophie Neff


Sophie is a North Carolina born, Chicago based actor who is thrilled to have been involved in such an exciting and adventurous project!  Previous Chicago credits include SCAPIN with Citadel Theatre and SAINT JOAN with Poetic Forum Collective.  You can catch her this November in Silencio's revival of DISCO PIGS.


Anna Civik


Anna is thrilled to have worked on this project! Other Chicago credits include: THE WHISPER NETWORK (Piven Theatre Workshop), TWELFTH NIGHT (Midsommer Flight), BECHDEL FEST (Broken Nose), and WRINKLE IN TIME (Lifeline). Up next, she can be seen as Zan in THE LITTLE FOXES at Citadel Theatre. Anna is a proud graduate of Northwestern University’s theatre program!

Rae Hamilton-Vargo2.JPG

Rae Hamilton-Vargo


Rae Hamilton-Vargo is an actor originally hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. Notable credits include Wayfoot in SWEEP with Coffee & Whiskey and Dori in [THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK], which premiered at the 2017 CineYouth festival. Look for them in Invictus Theatre Company's LOVE LABOUR'S LOST, the Plagiarists' MÜNSTERPIEL, and the upcoming short film EAT RICH.


Cat Huck


Cat Huck is jazzed to be a part of Life of Harold. Hailing from the great prairies of Kansas, Cat received her degree in theatre from Kansas State University before hopping to Chicago. You can catch her onstage at iO theatre with the Harold team Crocodile Nasties, rewriting her play EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE, or going on a run on any given Tuesday night. 

Kelsey Erhart Headshot.jpg

Kelsey Erhart


Kelsey Erhart is a Nebraska-born improviser and actor currently living in Chicago. She met the Life Of Harold team during her training at iO, and she's thankful to be part of this talented cast. You can find Kelsey improvising around town with her indie teams Before Thursday (@BeforeThursdayImprov) and Sebastian (@SebastianImprov) and you can personally track/stalk Kelsey on Instagram (@kelzairheart).

Jackson Headshot Color.jpg

Dan Jackson


Dan Jackson graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Theatre Studies. He has written plays that have been staged through City Lit Theater, American Theater Company, the Arc Theatre Company, and Whiskey Rebellion Theatre Company. He is an ensemble member at Theatre Momentum and is one half of Dan and Kate's Book Club, which has its own YouTube series. 


Claire Noone


One of Claire's most recent accomplishments has been graduating from the Harold Ramis Film School, most recently rated as one of the top 25 film schools in the country alongside DePaul. She moved to Chicago two years ago after finishing her BA in theatre from DeSales University. She is pursuing the art of improvisation and writing comedy professionally. In the meantime, catch her with her soul mates Before Thursday on their Facebook Page. Currently you can find Claire begging for a salary above 35k a year in downtown Chicago.


Brittany Handler


Brittany Handler is an actor, improviser, and writer based in Chicago. She has performed at many comedy venues across the Chicago area. She loves American history and politics and would like to talk about how you should be calling your senators every single day because we're in a full on constitutional crisis and if you care about Democracy at all, why are you not already on the phone with them? You can check out her resume and work on her website, or you can follow her on Twitter to keep up with all of her happenings around the city. Register to vote in November. 


S. Xu


A lot of bark and even more bite, Xu is a bad ass improver in Chicago and world traveler to boot. According to her Instagram, @sharkbaitxuhaha, she is an ensemble member of the improv teams "Ride or Die", "3 Asian Women On Stage", and "Stir-Friday Night". Facebook research also indicates her recent credits like the sketch show Robot Girlfriend at The Annoyance Theatre and... other things, I'm sure. I didn't really look that hard for more credits.


Ronin Nox


Ronin took a wrong turn in Africa and ended up wandering into an improv class at The Second City. This somehow led him to taking a driver's ed class in Life of Harold as he realized he did not know how to drive even though he knew how to ride a horse.

Film, TV, and Theatre Regular Headshot.j

Eric Curtis



Catie Glidewell


Eric would like to thank G-d, his amazing wife Jessica, their children Cassandra and Marcus who are his constant inspiration and joy, his parents, in-laws, and all other family and friends for their continuous love and support. Eric’s other projects include THE NATURAL (webseries), DAYLABOR DREAMIN’ (sketch show) and SUPERFREAKS (webseries). Eric is currently teaching drama at Simmons Middle School while he and Jessica continue writing, directing, and producing. You can follow Eric online at

Cati Glidewell is a Chicago based film critic, actress and lifelong cinephile who has a voracious appetite for watching films and partaking in films. You can see her reviews and antics at The Blonde in Front, Geek Nerdery, or her film debut in Irrational Fear as Helen.